Why People Are Voting For Wayne Baker and the PPC

"Get to know Wayne Baker. Understand each parties platform and what they stand for, and what the future will look like with that party. I stand for freedom! That is why I support the People's Party of Canada."

—Mark Bell, retired NHL player, St. Pauls

"We are living at an extremely critical time in Canadian history where our loss of freedom and democracy is at stake. As a healthcare professional, whose oath states to 'first do no harm,' I must support informed consent, freedom of choice and self-responsibility in healthcare. My vote is for the well-being of our shared humanity and a future of freedom and democracy for ourselves and our children."

—Dr. Jacinta Willems, Naturopathic Doctor, West Perth

"I am voting for the PPC party as they are the only party that hasn't lost sight of true Canadian values."

—Dave Crow, maintenance supervisor at Cooper Standard, Stratford

“I am voting for the PPC because they are the only party that supports Canadians' freedoms. They are not just a stereotypical political party that tells the people what they think the people WANT to hear, but say what the people NEED to hear. They are the oddballs in our political arena, but it has always been the oddballs that make the greatest and most noteworthy changes and I believe it is time for change”

—Roberta Miedema, Gowanstown,
psychology major & criminal justice minor at Redeemer University

"The main reason why I support the PPC can be summed up in one word 'FREEDOM.' Over the last eighteen months, during the fight against COVID-19, the PPC is the only political party that has constantly spoken out against the loss and abuses of Canadian's personal rights and freedoms.  If Canada is to get back on the right track, and be governed by a party that firmly believes in true democracy and freedom, then we need to be governed by the People's Party of Canada."

—Pat Kelly, small business manager, Michell

"The PPC Party presents the only common sense, rational alternative to the present ruling political establishment. It is rooted in respect and genuine concern for the well-being of all Canadians and their families.It offers hope, positivity and true democracy to replace the atmosphere of fear, anxiety and extreme authority that is the modus operandi of all of the three main political parties. Of all the reasons to vote for the PPC, the most important one—the only one that really matters—is our children's freedom and future depends on it."

—Geoff Hotson, agricultural salesperson, Mount Forest

“I am voting for the PPC because I am deeply concerned as to the direction Canada is heading socially and politically. It is my duty to stand up for Canada and not betray my family who fought to protect freedoms we so readily take for granted but are paramount in upholding now in these extraordinary times.”

—Gillian Semple, Living End Doula and Grief Educator, Stratford

“The reason I am voting for Wayne Baker is he is an honest man who truly believes in our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, no mandated vaccinations passports, as well as respect for others.”

—Carol Schaus, Harriston

“We are so thankful that we can in good conscience vote for a party that is truly 'for the people.' No longer silent, we stand with Wayne Baker and the PPC Party because we support freedom of choice and a sensible down-to-earth approach to government, where the people have input. We desire to leave a better Canada for our children and grandchildren. Together, let's make common sense normal again! It may be our last chance!”

—Tony & Mary Ann Giesen, Drayton

I am voting for a party other than the CPC for the first time. I have lost respect for the CPC under Erin O'Toole's leadership. He is more red than blue in my opinion. I am opposed to mandatory vaccines and vaccine passports and the PPC is the only party taking a stand against this tyranny. I also find that my core values align more closely with the PPC party which is why I am voting for Wayne this time. God bless and you're in my prayers.”

—Les Martin, PSW, Clifford

“This is our second time voting for the PPC. None of the other parties—big or small—have opposed the fear-mongering, harm and destruction the government (not a pandemic) have committed over the last eighteen months. This is obviously not about a virus or about keeping people safe.The tyranny most stop and voting for Wayne Baker, helping with his campaign, and donating are definite ways to show our dissent.

—John & Nicole Manley, Stratford

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