This 17-year-old will soon be earning $60,000/year in a crashing economy without ever going to college

Despite the wasteful wokeness of the school system, Daniel Hotson need not worry about finding a well-paying job in Canada's unstable economy.


How is this possible?


Well, Danny plans to skip college and is already apprenticing in a trade with an average salary of $60,000 per year (according to


In this short clip from episode #4 of The Purple Microphone, we take a look at his future prospects as an auto mechanic: 


Danny is a young example of a hard-working Canadian who isn't expecting the government to fix the economy or send him universal basic income.


The People's Party of Canada's libertarian platform is all about taking personal responsibility for our lives, and, as you'll hear, so is Danny.


Please watch and share his examples: 


Wayne Baker