Was Danny suspended from school for speaking out against “the commie woke agenda”?

You've surely by now seen my controversial interview with Daniel Hotson — the 16-year-old student from Stratford District Secondary School who bravely spoke out against his English class “transitioning” into a Marxist indoctrination program. If you haven't yet, you can watch part one here and part two here.


Please note: Never in the interview did Danny say that the students claiming to be transgender or homosexual needed to change. Everything about Danny's demeanour is, "You do your thing, I'll do mine."


Rather Danny was speaking out against being sent to the principal's office (ten times!) for failing to conform to their rainbow rhetoric.


So we were all a little concerned — especially his mother — that releasing Danny’s interview could lead to him being suspended (similar to what happened to Josh Alexander).


"I figured," said Danny on the phone over lunch yesterday, "that I'd at least be called to the principal's office again."


Instead, he's received the opposite reaction.


"My English teacher has not only toned down the pronoun policing but she's been especially friendly to me. She greets me with a smile when I come into class, something she never did before."


Likewise, among his peers, Danny has only received encouragement and appreciation for appearing on The Purple Microphone.


"I'm surprised that nobody has got angry at me," he said. "Not that I was trying to anger anyone. There was nothing vicious about the video. I was stating facts. Not trying to hurt anybody's feelings. I was just trying to inform the public of the commie woke agenda."


Many people (if not most) are against — as Daniel puts it — the "commie woke agenda.” Yet they are afraid to speak out because they fear they'll be ostracized, suspended, fired, tarred and feathered.


Danny's example, however, shows that there's little to fear and much to gain. The only reason this "commie woke agenda" has made it this far is because people have been silent.


Well, my new podcast, The Purple Microphone, is anything but silent. We've released four episodes now, with a fifth one coming out of the libertarian closet on Tuesday (this time with Dr. Grahame Booker our local PhD in political philosophy exposing the dangers of democracy).


But producing a quality podcast is costing us $250 per week. Promoting it will cost even more.


For this first month of 2024, we’ve set a fundraising goal of $2,024. That’ll cover the show’s production costs, our regular administrative expenses plus a few thousand flyers.


So far we’ve only received $570. While I am grateful to those who have donated, it's only 28% of what we need to keep the show going in February and beyond.


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Wayne Baker